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Add to wishlist. Quick View. rapaxsprings Rapax 2+ J spring The best spring guide for your SRS. I used the Silverback teflon spring guide before and the difference in sound is amazing. Plus it’s still as easy to cock the rifle as before. One of the best additions you can make to your SRS. rapax springs are specially made airsoft spring sutable to all aps2 style rifles as srs silverback, ssg24 or ssg10 and also upgraded vsr10 Silverback SRS Specialists, High end Airsoft parts for Mechanics and Exclusive Gear. Stalker Airsoft,Maple leaf,Prometheus,PDI,Laylax,skeee Lonex,TNT,TWI,IRT, Again, at the moment the only commercially available Spring guide is the Silverback SRS Teflon coated bearing spring guide. This does offer a slightly smoother bolt pulll over the stock one, but in my experience it was louder and the shot to shot FPS consistency decreased, albeit marginally.

Srs silverback spring

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Silverback. 149,00 SEK. Lägg i varukorg. Artnr: 26635; I lager:0 st; Enhet: st  Srs_sniper, Bålsta. 28 likes. Silverback SRS A1 16” Covert Airsoft sniper from Sweden. Playing bequse it so dam fun and meeting great new friends! Lets Silverback Airsoft visade HTI, SRS-A1 Lightweight och MDR på IWA 2019 Erbjuder bland annat quick spring change-funktionalitet och deans-kontakt.

The SRS has the full EDGI kit from Longbow which was over £350 on its own, it makes the rifle so much better than stock and lightens the bolt pull c Our spring are named by the force, in Newton, needed to compress it to their “shooting stage” This type of spring is only compatible with Silverback Airsoft HTI replica Data in spring charts are average, there might be variation due to multiple factors. The Silverback M140 and Rapax 2+J spring need similar pull strenght but the Rapax 2+J spring gives more FPS/joule in comparison. All springs are the same length, use the same material, have the same number of coils, ect.

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The Silverback Airsoft M160 APS 13mm Type Spring for SRS Pull Bolt Version, 13 mm outside diameter, 11 mm inside. The APS large type is stuiable for APS-2, APS-T96, APS-SR2, M24 versions.

Srs silverback spring

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Compatibility: Silverback SRS series airsoft rifles using PULL BOLT system. About: The Silverback SRS steel spring  The Silverback M120 APS 13mm type spring is an original part for the Silverback SRS series of airsoft sniper rifles using their PULL BOLT system. 2 Dec 2020 We present a new series of spring sniper replicas manufactured by the Silverback Airsoft brand. The SRS-A2 (Scout Recon Stealth) replicas  Silverback SRS A1 Long Barrel 26 Inch Spring Sniper Rifle - Black Sniper - Reproduções. Silverback Airsoft Desert Tech QD SRS Mock Suppressor with .338 Muzzle Break for SRS-A1 Airsoft Sniper Rifle · SilverBack.

Srs silverback spring

Limited Edition SRS Fast Hop unit Rappax 2j spring x2 Range of Silverback springs and Hop Rubbers Mlock QD sling mount OD Fore … Just to find out the peice of aluminum can I had in the piston to reduce spring rattle, had crumpled a little bit "under" the Silverback SRS M160 I use normally. TLDR: I grinded off two coils even though I didn't need too so I've just bought another M220 for a retest. Yes my rifle is all stock except a Silverback Fast hop Showing all 8 results TAC-41 P, bolt action rifle Read more; HTI .50 BMG Important safety warning to all SRS PULL BOLT users.
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The sought after Silverback Airsoft SRS A2 sniper rifle is available at Airsoftjunkiez and you can have a selection of the standard spring power or go for the custom HPA with the HPA engine of your choice Réplique airsoft SRS A2/M2 22". Fabriquée par Silverback Airsoft. Note importante concernant l'utilisation de ce produit: Ce produit est une réplique d'arme destinée à un usage ludique (jeux de rôle) dénommé "airsoft", dont la vente est interdite aux mineurs (moins de 18 ans). Silverback Airsoft, Kowloon, Hong Kong. 10,918 likes · 35 talking about this. Established in 2008 by airsoft addicts and serious wargamers in Hong Kong, our goal is to better serve our fellow mates 8 Jul 2016 SRS Bolt Comparison Pull vs Push and Spring Upgrade. 33,439 views33K views Airsoft Sniper Upgrades (Silverback SRS).

-compatible with SRS rifles, all Silverback, Faceless pistons. -compatible with APS2 power up rings. Out of stock. --SILVERBACK Airsoft Air Cocking Gun SRS Compatible; --Spring guide with thrust bearing for integrated pulluc system; --Smooth forward and back movement   Silverback. M150 APS2 13mm Spring for SRS Pull Version (95 Newton).
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2016-01-04 Silverback M170 APS2 type 13mm spring For SRS Pull Version (145 Newton) Home / M170 APS2 type 13mm spring For SRS Pull Version (145 Newton) £10.90. + -. Add to cart. Information.

Spring guide for SRS pull bolt, CNC aviation grade aluminium construction, Teflon tube covered, Japanese thrust bearing base.For Pull bolt Only. The Silverback SRS steel/teflon spring guide with thrust bearing is a hybrid style spring guide that provides both robust construction with its steel head and lightweight design with its teflon made guide shaft. This particular part also comes with their thrust bearing design for added performance. 2016-01-04 Silverback M170 APS2 type 13mm spring For SRS Pull Version (145 Newton) Home / M170 APS2 type 13mm spring For SRS Pull Version (145 Newton) £10.90.
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Home; Catalogue; Retailers; Download; Contact; Home / Parts & Accessories Parts & Accessories For Sale is my Silverback SRS, bought during lockdown and used for two game days. Selling as sniping just isn’t for me an I prefer Russian loadouts. The SRS has the full EDGI kit from Longbow which was over £350 on its own, it makes the rifle so much better than stock and lightens the bolt pull c The Silverback Desert Tech SRS spring guide is a first-party original upgrade part designed to offer increased performance for your stock SRS A1 / A2. The guide also includes a thrust bearing for better shooting consistency. Compatibility: Silverback Desert Tech SRS A1. Silverback Desert Tech SRS … The Silverback SRS teflon spring guide is a high quality and robust guide that provides consistent performance under the stress of different springs and tensions. Compatibility: Silverback Desert Tech SRS Sniper Rifles ; Includes: x1 SiSilverback SRS Teflon Spring Guide (Pull Bolt) Silverback SRS QD Attachment Point. Fully CNC steel QD attachment point for SRS handguards (Covert and long) with dark grey phosphating finish.

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rapax springs Comparing Joules with heavy bb to FPS with 0.20. Posted on May 15, 2020 February 8, 2021 by Milan Prlincevic. 15 May. srs silverback rapax quality spring for airsoft sniper rifle Rapax 2+ 3+ and hulk high velocity spring and rapax spacers or power up rings for fine adjustment of your J and fps.

SILVERBACK - SRS A1 (26 pouces).